Okay, call me a homophobe if it will make you happy, but Animal Planet’s new series Who Gets the Dog? is just a bit much. I love the concept. It is a reality show that takes one shelter dog each episode and introduces it to three families. Each of the families gets to spend 24 hours with the dog while being videotaped. During that time they are given specific tasks such as 1) teach the dog to sit 2) wash the dog etc. At the end of the three trials, the video is turned over to a panel of ‘experts’ for review.

A dog psychologist, a veterinarian and a comedian (?) make up the expert panel that decides which home is the best fit for Fido. I am okay with the fact that the tasks are ridiculous and have no bearing on whether or not a home would be a good fit. I am okay with the fact that aside from the vet, I wouldn’t trust either of the other two to decide what is best for my dog. I absolutely love vicariously meeting the new dog each episode… what irks me is the preponderance of homosexuals on the show.

Okay, here comes the standard line – I am not a homophobe, I have a gay friend, etc. etc. Frankly, I could care less if you believe it… but believe this. In every episode but one, the show has featured a gay couple as one of the three families. I know this is California, but come on – not even the ‘left coast’ has a 33% gay population. Is this Animal Planet’s idea of affirmitive action? …if they put all the gays in one show, they don’t have to put them on any others? I think it is fine to include people from all walks of life but their demographics appear to be a bit queer. (pun intended)

Before gays decide that this show is a bastion of great television – not one of the gay couples has “got the dog” yet.