Normally, when I blog something that happened in the past, I blog it with the correct date and then post an entry stating something like, (Added blog date ##-##-##) so that readers can go back and find the entry.

I am not sure if this took place one week ago or two,heck it could have been three – so, I decided just to post it now. The Dark Diver and I drove out the Katy to Acme Bikes to pick out his new mountain bike.

In what shop owner, Ric Becker called a “definite first,” he nearly destroyed the bike, himself and a car owned by the United States Marine Corp in a single test ride. He was riding the bike around the parking lot and heading back to the shop needed to hop a small curb. Well, he hopped… but it was way before the curb and his front tire landed back on the pavement just before he struck the curb. He then went flying over the handlebars, crashing to the ground. The bike flipped up behind him and slammed into the front quarter panel of a car. The smash was deafening and I was unsure whether to bust out laughing or check to see if he was injured. When he finally stirred and appeared to be okay, I busted up laughing.

A set of burly marines came out and basically told him “don’t worry about it,” even though there was a huge dent in the car. Ric even told him that despite the broken reflectors, scratched brakes and frame, he didn’t have to buy the bike. Manny did end up buying that one – but he sure got off easy for all the damage he caused. PS. If you want a good “full service” bike shop that really gives a damn about their customers – give Ric a call. And Dannye is the best wrench-turner in the business. Tell them I sent you.

Anyway, we drove downtown to do some riding. The above shot is at Hermann Park near the ampitheatre where we parked for the ride into downtown. We only did about ten miles, but it was a lot of fun.

First we headed out to a little out-of-the-way art gallery/poet hangout to talk to some people about a movie they are filming. It is a Filipino production and they needed one caucasian to play a cop. I told them that I would come by to read for it and offered to assist them with the production since I have some experience. The reading went fine and they said the role was mine. My schedule ended up interfering with their shoot schedule so I had to pass.

After the shoot, we continued downtown where we met a street performer that insisted he was ‘not’ a street performer. I still don’t know what he meant because he was sitting there playing a trumpet and taking requests. We ended up eating at Spaghetti Warehouse which was pretty cool. It wasn’t a bad little shakedown cruise for his new bike. As for me, I always jump at a chance to go riding with someone.