Saturday was all about business. Okay, it was some about business and then it turned into pleasure. It started off bright and early at the ball park shooting baseball and softball pics. Dave went with this time and it really made things easier. We swapped off shooting and after a few quick tips he was shooting like a pro. I think the sports shots are a natural as he has the instincts for the game required to anticipate the action. He got a couple shots that are pretty darn impressive – one of which was this one of me. He was in the field shooting and between innings, he spun around and shot me through the chain link fence. This is a very low-rez version of the shot, but the refelection in the shades shows the baseball field and the players.

The extra shooter allowed us to keep shooting without breaks. I am in the process of sorting and uploading the shots right now and we turned out about 50% more shots in the same amount of time as I did when I was by myself.

We shot until mid-afternoon, ran home, put our feet up for about fifteen minutes and then headed off to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Manny met us at the house and managed to be only about 15 minutes late, which in Manny time is early. A quick shuttle ride from DelMar stadium put us at the rodeo. We took in all the standard cowboy fare… and even some of the cowgirl stuff too. 🙂 (Manny managed to control his gawking long enough to get this shot for me.)

Mike and Julie were waiting inside the stadium as the rodeo finals started. The only event that I really like is the calf scramble and once again, it didn’t disappoint. The rest was all just a lot of cows, horses and cowboys killing time until the Clint Black concert.

The concert was pretty cool. It was the first time I have heard Clint Black in concert and I was impressed. He is one of those artists that sounds identical to his albums. I hate when you get to a concert and discover that either they cannot really sing at all (studio band) or decide to change the song up to “keep it fresh.” I may be alone on this, but when I like a song – I like it played the same way. Once you get past the still-poor acoustics of Reliant Stadium, Clint put on a very nice show… nothing fancy… just good old fashioned country music.