I did it… I finally broke down and replaced my cell phone. The old one shut itself off at random times. The battery would last for days on end with one charge and then turn after about ten minutes on the next charge. When I put in the hands-free earpiece, it would sometimes shut off and often not only not work through the earpiece, but the audio would quit on the phone itself. I had a whole host of idiosyncrasies to navigate, but it still worked.

So, what made me give in? (No, I am not going to blame you Dave – well, not exclusively.) Dave’s comment was just the latest in a long line of remarks that followed a similar vein, “Why don’t you just get a new one?” I take it that people were tired of hearing me complain about what a piece of crap my phone was. (For the record, the piece ‘o crap was a Samsung R225 and the new one is a Motorola V300)

Well, is my life better with my new phone? Not really. It is cool that it takes cheezy little photos and you can email them… but I carry at least one camera with me at all times anyway. Sure, I guess it is cool that I can put the pictures I take as wallpaper on the screen… but, I never needed wallpaper before. Yeah, the full-color games are kinda sweet – but can anyone really play a game with those tiny little buttons anyway?

In the end, no – my life isn’t greatly improved. My lawn still needs mowing. I still need to stop eating chili & cheese on everything. I certainly haven’t stopped needing to work out more. But wait… with those super sweet ringtones… I am bound to get more people to look my way… and isn’t that what life is about? You bloggers understand that one, right?

–I’m Captain Jack Sparrow – Which Movie Hero Are You?–