Friday was the start of a very busy weekend. As usual, I am looking forward to Monday so I can catch a break. The weekend began with Casino Night at Theatre Southwest. It was a great fundraiser put on by the folks and TSW. Originally, Dave and I were just going to go to support the theatre and have some fun – but Dave, being the master business mind of the operation suggested that we shoot photos while there.

We shot a few hundred pics and put them online for folks to order with the understanding that a good portion of the proceeds will go towards furthering TSW’s fundraising efforts.

In addition to getting to do some shooting, having a great time playing blackjack, and noticing in the pics of me that not only do I need to lose some weight – I need a hiarcut too, I also had a heck of a lot of fun. What else can you say about tossing down a $1,000 bet all on one hand and getting a blackjack? (Numerous times!!)

Sydney and Malinda were my gambling buddies and between us we nearly broke the bank!

The pictures are available online at – email me for the password if you are interested.