I spent the day in Victoria yesterday and despite having my camera along, didn’t get one picture. Geez, what a slacker. Actually, I was there to assist in tax returns for my brothers, mother and nephew. I think I am going to break my record of tax returns I work on this season. Last year, I did 12 returns and I should be right around there again this tax season.

It was a good visit because the taxes actually went pretty fast and then I got to relax with the family. Tim and I spent a lot of time talking while waiting for Sandra, who had an appointment in town. He has become an invaluable source of information on my plans to get a place in the country. He has got me considering the Victoria area as well as the range I had drawn up earlier. (I was assuming Austin was a longer drive from Victoria and didn’t want to eliminate Austin from my range.)

I am really coming to appreciate Lou’s size as I didn’t have to make arrangements for someone to watch him. He is travel size. After the first ten miles or so of staring out the window, he settles down and relaxes. As usual, he loved his trip to the country because of all the smells and critters.