I need just two more people to complete the FREE iPod offer to get my free iPod. As an incentive, I am giving out the following to the next two people who complete the process…

  • Ad space on my blog to help advertise your FREE iPod offer (so you can get yours too)
  • $10 – yeah CASH!! It will offset the cost of the offer you sign up for.
  • 1 “Get out of Hell Free” card for your wallet.
  • 1 Gmail invite (if you want one)
  • I will blogroll your blog (if you want me to)

All you have to do is click this link and sign up for one of the offers at the end…

1. Click on this link
2. Fill out the information
3. Go through a bunch of offers (you can turn them all down)
4. When you get to the final screen, you have to do one of the final offers.

(I signed up for the FREE trial of Blockbuster Online – you can cancel before you are charged and it works just like NetFlix)

That’s it! We are talking a ton of stuff all AND your own free iPod!!