First off, I have to say big “ups” to my friend Tony DeMaria. He was in the Houston Chronicle today under the article headline, “Man takes a stand for sitting ducks.” The article describes his one-man crusade to protect the welfare of a family of ducks crossing Richmond Avenue. For those of you not from the Houston area – we are talking about one of the busiest streets in the city.
Apparently Tony has silently been championing their cause for some time, but his pleas have fallen on deaf ears. The Houston Chronicle article should help to put the responsibility for the duck’s welfare in the hands of the local businesses that build ponds, encourage ducks to enhance the appeal of their property and then turn a blind eye when it comes time to take care of their new residents.
Way to go Tony! I never doubted I would see your name in the paper some day – I just figured it would be for something TOTALLY different. 🙂 haha
———————– book challenge update—————-
It appears that I will shatter the point total – that just means that next year it will be something like a 500 or 1,000 point book challenge.
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