I finally saw Finding Neverland and now think that it should have won the Oscar for best film. This film strikes a personal chord with me probably because I refuse to grow up.

The film is loosely based on author J. M. Barrie’s inspiration for the story Peter Pan. Director, Marc Forster does an amazing job of showing the difference between the dreamers of the world and the “regular folks.” His transistions between fantasy and reality are seemless and serve to illustrate how quickly and completely the world of the imaginary can become real to those who dare to explore. The world is a wonderfully amazing place if you open your eyes to it.

Perhaps fantasy is the last refuge of an insane mind – but perhaps instead, it is the highest form of sanity? Sane or insane – it really doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that when the imagination dies – the rest might as well whither too. The message I get from FN is to “stay positive, stay open and most of all – stay young.”

RATING 10 out of 10