Sunday we, (BigDog Productions) are shooting a wedding and frankly I am a bit concerned. I have avoided shooting weddings just because of all the stories about picky mothers of the bride, and the whole “we only get one shot at this” feel to the event. That alone wouldn’t bother me – I mean heck, a lot of our clients are probably just as picky as any parent could be, and most of what we shoot is a one-shot. I mean, we shot the March of Dimes Walk America kickoff breakfast a few weeks back – it’s not like they would set it back up if our tape was bad. My avoidance is probably due more to superstition than anything else.

I have attended about a dozen weddings. Quite a few of them were the whole hoopla event – fancy clothes – churches – throngs of guests – flowers and yes, videographers. A couple of them have been JP (Justice of the Peace) ceremonies. ALL of the “big deal” weddings I have attended are now OVER. ALL of the JP wed couples are still together. It probably says something about the couple’s grasp of reality and lack of need for pomp… but then again, it could just say something about inviting me to your church wedding.

I have no doubt that the video will turn out fine, but in the back of my mind I fear for the couple.