Another full weekend… hence the numerous posts. Lou and I have been going for a lunchtime walk each day for the past week and both are really enjoying the exercise. Always one to try to combine things (like brushing my teeth and showering etc.) I figured we could get our walks in while catching up on my geocaching. This tough little terrier just loves the outdoors so I knew he would take to geocaching right away. I was right.

Today, I loaded up the GPS with some new location codes, hitched Lou to his halter and headed out. At our first stop, Lou was right at home as he practically lead the way right to the find. (Maybe he was tracking the last cacher that visited)

As if by fate, inside the cache was a dog tag! The tag is a trademark item left by one of the Houston area caches and it is inscribed with the Latin phrase, ‘neutiquam erro’ which can be translated as “I am not lost,” a fitting saying for us cachers. I am sure that to onlookers (muggles) it appears that we are often wandering aimlessly. This tag is now a permanent fixture on his caching collar – how cool!

One of the cool things about geocaching is that it introduces you to some amazing locations (often right under your nose) that you never would have noticed. One such find was this spot – a tiny federal wetlands reserve right in the middle of Jersey Village.

It doesn’t look like much from just this picture, but it is pretty darn cool. Pick up a cheap GPS receiver, register at and I’ll send you the link.