As I predicted after the premiere… NUMB3RS is coming up empty. Tonight’s episode was by far the worst of the lot. Skippy the Wonder Math Boy went waaaay overboard this time. He not only explained in doofus terms how to counterfeit, but he went on to pretend that checking where someone spends the fake bills takes a complex formula.

The writing in the show has fallen into the realm of juvenile as they dumbed-down every premise by explaining it in detail to someone who “just walked in.”

I still love the relationship between Judd Hirsch, Rob Morrow, and David Krumholtz. The show producers should admit their mistake and do the following:

Focus on the family storyline make it about the lives of the three Eppes men.
Remove the math angle – it cannot carry a sho, period.
Ditch all the beautiful people and put in some realistic looking ones – Secret Service agents, bank tellers, students, EVERYONE is a walking billboard for beauty. The only time you see anyone on the show remotely ‘normal’ or ugly is the bad guy.
Write it for a smarter audience – the show spends 1/2 of each episode explaining even the most basic things.
In fact, fire the writers and start over – they obviously cannot turn out good shows on a regular basis – the pilot started off really good, but the show has slipped each week.
Change the name of the show to reflect the changes – it can’t really be called NUMB3RS with the changes.
Send me my check for fixing things…