Dave and I shot a wedding video and reception last weekend and it was a pretty fun time. How could it not be? I mean come on – we were surrounded by beautiful women, (only one of which was absolutely taken) great music, pretty decent food and free drinks.

Okay, so I didn’t get my money’s worth on the drinks since I am not much of a drinker – but I did slug down about four cokes.Okay, so the food wasn’t that great – but it was free. Okay, so the women were mostly interested in talking with the bride and groom and not the cameraman – but they were beautiful and they were there. And dammit – the music WAS good!

Overall though it was pretty darn fun. It would have been nice to have checked out the chapel and reception area ahead of time. We might have been able to prepare a bit more. But, it all worked out anyway and I am sure that what we shot will provide the couple with years of great memories.
The highlight of the evening (for me) was when the DJ announced the chicken dance. I grabbed the camera – fought my way to the center of the circle and started filming. None of they guys were too hip on the idea so I ended up in the center of a circle of women all clucking, spinning and laughing. The DJ quickly followed up with the Hokey Pokey and then David Postma got these shots as I spun in circles shooting them “putting the right hand in” etc.

Another great photo op was below “put your backside in and shake it all about…” Man, its a hard life.