As if full days Friday and Saturday weren’t enough – we continued our nonstop activities on Sunday. In the morning, Lou and I got up and did some geocaching and around noon headed downtown to Sam Houston park for the Humane Society’s 2005 K9 Fun Run.

I haven’t been to the event in the past few years because it doesn’t get a lot of press and it is usually over before I notice. This time however, both Mindy R. and Julie W. reminded me of it in time to attend. Lou absolutely loved it. The thousands of dogs gave him ample opportunity to partake of the various scents and of course to do his little peel-out routine showing them that he was in charge. Mike and I have been wanting to introduce him to their dogs and this was a great way to do it on neutral ground.

As always it was way cool to see all the dogs and meet their owners. There were also plenty of free treats for both humans and their pups. I managed to narrow down the 150-something photos I took to just 18 – but that was way too many for the blog. It has been awhile since I added a new set to the photos page anyway, so check it out.

K9 Fun Run 2005 <<<---more pics