Catching Out is a cool documentary about train hopping. It tells the story of modern day Kings of the Road. The film shows these vagabonds as somewhat overly romantic – but delivers a gritty story of this essentially, counter-culture movement. We are introduced to Baby Girl, Switch, Luther the Jet and many more folks in various stages of their hopping lives. Some are in the midst of ending their life on the rails, while some are just starting out.

They rail (pun intended) against society and needing to have a salary, a car, a job etc… and then turn around and talk about how nice it is to be in a real bed. Most of the riders seem to be lost in their hopelessly romantic dreams and visions, while being very short on motivation, follow-up and drive. They speak of a non-societal utopia and get lost in mid-explanation… it appears that the wild weed, demon alcohol, and possibly more has damaged a few brain cells.

It speaks to the part of me that loves to just jump in the car and drive to a new location for no apparent reason. I am not convinced that it is the life for me though. I like having a roof and a bed between my adventures.

RATING 8 out of 10

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