Instead of constantly saying… “yeah, that’s what I thought from the previews” and “I could have told you it sucked after I saw the first ad,” I am going to post my pre-view reviews when I see ads for upcoming films.

1 – Sin City… the trailer to this one is visually amazing. I have never read the comics so I won’t be disappointed if they stray from the story. It is chock full of actors that I like. Bottom line – This shizzle looks good!!

2 – A Lot Like Love – This one could go either way. On the one hand, I am getting tired of Ashton Kutcher being in every third movie – but on the other hand, I never get tired of Amanda Peet. It looks like a good, little, sappy love story with some lame attempts at comedy thrown in. This would probably be a really good movie if the studio was just brave enough to just let it be a love story.

3 – Fever Pitch – Uh, can you say crap. Oh – excuse me Crap Chowduh! Drew Barrymore really needs to give up comedy… she is teaming up with these so-called whacky guys and turning out lame movies lately. Jimmy Fallon is great in skits – but has yet to prove interesting enough to carry a film. And oh yea – I liked this film better when it was a skit on Saturday Night Live – but then Rachel Dratch made that work.

4 – The Longest Yard – At first I thought this was going to take a classic movie and insult it… I think I may have been wrong. I finally saw the preview for it and it actually looks like a very good update. This one should have a lot of fun and a lot of football – what more could you want.

5 – Cinderella Man – Whoever is screening scripts for Russell Crowe is simply not making enough money. Crowe looks to have another winner on his hands. I am always a sucker for a “little guy against the world” story and period pieces… put the two together with Crowe’s skills, Ron Howard‘s directing and a great supporting cast and we are talking a seriously entertaining film.

6 – Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants – Okay, it is a chick-flick so it has that to overcome right off the bat… but lest you think I am not giving it a chance… one of my favorite movies is Calender Girls and it is certainly not blockbuster action. I think what helps it is that it takes a good story and tells it with a bunch of unknown actresses. This strategy allows the audience to believe the characters all that much more. It could be entertaining.

7- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – I know, I know – it’s Johnny Depp. But, it’s also Tim Burton and I cannot stand his style. Everything he does looks creepy and evil and I just don’t like it. I may be naive but I think that a story about such a magical and fun place should be inviting and not creepy. Shame on you Tim Burton.

9 – Monster-in-Law – Has Jennifer Lopez ever made a good movie? Uh, NO! Jane Fonda appears to have done a very good job and it appears that her talent will be wasted on another lame J-Lo flick.

10 – Crash – I couldn’t leave on such a streak of lameness. Wow, don’t even get me started on this cast – we are talking a ton of amazing performers. Most surprising however appears to be Sandra Bullock finally leaving behind that giggly-cute-goofball character and picking a role with some real meat. It looks like a winner to me.

There you go… my pre-view reviews. Oh yeah, and if any studios feel I unfairly ripped their film, go ahead and fly me out to LA for a screening and I am sure we can discuss a more favorable posting when I return. 🙂