I took a break from work Sunday when my neighbor Brett called saying he had two tickets to the Astros’ last preseason game. I took him up on the deal – he provided the tickets, I provided the ride. Upon arrival I was immediately set upon by the local media (KTRH AM 740)… apparently because I am becoming a celebrity here in town.

Okay, I admit it – I saw this girl interviewing fans and circled her like four times until I was able to time it just right. I caught her ending an interview and “accidentally” stepped right in her way. As luck would have it – she was looking for fans to interview and I just happened to be standing in front of her.

The interview was the typical stuff, “Are you excited about the upcoming season? What do you think about them starting off the season against the Cardinals? What do you think about the new players? etc. etc.” I responded with a barrage of cliches… “We’ve got a long season ahead of us…. If they can stay healthy… Its too early to talk about playoffs… yada yada yada.” The Astros proceeded to get blown out by the Kansas City Royals… but it was a fun outing.

One cool thing was that out of the blue, I was having a conversation with this couple sitting near me and they brought up the subject of looking for a home-based business. I jumped onto my soapbox about anyone would be silly not to have a business – for the tax savings if nothing else. I pointed them to an article I wrote on taxes and mentioned my USANA business – they seemed really excited about it all. I got a call from them later that night and helped them get involved.