Well, I was again the ‘designated hitter’ for my breakfast club – BNA. David Postma who is in charge of getting speakers this year pretty much knows that when he has a hole in his schedule, he can call on me to fill in. Today’s subject was geocaching. When asked what geocaching was, David responded… “Well, its a…. it’s a ‘Chris thing.”

You, my long time reading chums already know about geocaching as I have brought it up many times – this group however did not.

The talk went really well as there were a ton of questions and a lot of interest. After the meeting, I swung by a light pole on a residential street nearby and found a cache named (appropriately) “Light Pole cache.”

At first blush, categorizing something as a “Chris thing” might seem to imply that it is weird, nutty, or offbeat… but I think I will take it as a compliment and more likely to mean well, weird, nutty, and offbeat… but in a good way.