Best Friends Network is an organization dedicated to the goal of No More Homeless Pets. I volunteer for Best Friends in the marketing/internet areas and was called about an 80yr old woman in Houston that is looking to find homes for her dozen or so cats. Because she is getting up in age, she is concerned that her feline friends won’t have good homes after she is gone. They needed someone to go out to her house, take pictures of the cats, create a small bio and post the information to their website.

I drove out to the other side of Houston today to meet her and get the cat pics and I have to say it was fun. Despite the title of this blog entry, she is NOT one of these crazy old cat ladies – I joke with my neighbor who owns a half dozen cats that she is becoming one, so everyone with more than a couple cats is a crazy old cat lady.

This lady however is amazing. She was nothing like I pictured – she looked to be around 60 – not 80. She has a spring in her step and a sharp mind. She is a cat collector of sorts because all of her cats were either neighborhood feral cats that she took in or rescues. She takes them in, sometimes nurses them back to health, and ALWAYS takes them to the vet to get spayed/neutered. (Something most cat collectors do not do.)

She seemed delighted to have someone to talk with as she has outlived all her friends, her husband and all but one of her children. I got the scoop on her entire family history and could have talked for hours if I hadn’t already made plans to meet with Mike this afternoon. If you could use an extra cat or know someone who can take one or two, please contact me. She has vet papers on all of them and despite the run-down appearance of her home in an old neighborhood, they are well cared for.

This one is my favorite – he is named Pistol

The black one is named Camille, and I forgot the name of the gray/white, but it is super friendly.

The flash caught the eyes on these, but the one of the left is a Siamese called “Siamese” and the other is called Sambo – these two are very skittish around new people.

If full-grown cats are not your thing – my crazy cat lady neighbor just rescued four kittens, bottle fed them and is ready to find them good homes.



Cats, cats, cats – all shapes, sizes and breeds… help us make the goal of No More Homeless Pets a reality. If you cannot give one of these guys a good home, click on the link and see how you can volunteer to help out. There are an amazingly large number of ways you can be of service… just something as simple as driving over to a nice old lady’s house on a Sunday, having a chat, and shooting some pictures could have mean life or death for some rescued pet.