Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room is playing at the Landmark River Oaks as is not to be missed. You have heard me ranting about corporate greed for a couple years now in this blog… if you really want to understand it – go see this film. This is NOT a left-wing propaganda piece. This is NOT a political slam at the relationship between the Bush family and Enron. This is something that has disappeared from media – journalism. There is no hyperbole, there are no exagerrations for effect. There ARE facts. Facts, facts, and more facts. This is real journalism.

I had a pretty good understanding of the Enron scandal through the bits and pieces glossed over by the news and other sources, but the picture is much more complete now. I mean, I knew that Enron was causing rolling blackouts in California to jack up energy costs and cover the fact that they were bleeding money everywhere else… what I didn’t know was the depth to which the “little guys” at Enron had bought into the greed culture and their willingness to be on record laughing about how “grandma is without power.”

It is not the tale of an evil empire set on doing bad… it is a tale of a greed culture that enveloped all of us at the time. It is not the story of the right-wing conservative greed… this culture engulfed Republicans and Democrats alike. They didn’t have a master plan much different than any of us that were building companies or gambling in the bull market – they just had more opportunity to act. Would the average Joe have done the same in their situation? Probably.

I cannot say enough how important it is to see this film.

RATING 9 out of 10