I am so predictable. For such a “spur of the moment, always up for something new” kinda guy – I am pretty easy to peg. Well, if you know me like Dave does. He shows up about a week ago and drops a line about his pedometer. (Get your mind out of the gutter – it is a little device that measures how many steps you take during the day.) I was thoroughly uninterested until he told me how many steps he did for the day… what was his angle? Surely he knew that if I was told there were stats involved, I would feel obligated to get my own and turn it into a competition – with myself if nothing else.

Well, I think it was about about an hour later that we were at WalMart purchasing my brand new Sportbrain Pedometer. This thing is too cool and the stats are entirely entertaining. It connects to the internet via a USB cable and automatically sends your stats to your online account.

Here are the dates and number of steps since I got the thing. While I was doing a lot of editing and tax stuff, I turned in some pretty low days, but with the weekend, things look to be picking back up.

4/08/2005 6,709
4/09/2005 9,635
4/10/2005 6,379
4/11/2005 7,820
4/12/2005 5,430
4/13/2005 5,406
4/14/2005 5,587
4/15/2005 5,406
4/16/2005 8,954 (not finished with today yet)

I should end up with 11 or 12K by the end of today, but that depends on if I find something interesting to do tonight.