I forgot to mention how I justified spending the money on a new iPod. One of my side businesses is USANA Health Sciences… and I have to admit that I have been slacking off. I built it up to a decent little flow of cash and then just let it slide. As an incentive to get me off my @ss and back to building it, I made myself a little challenge/reward.

I decided that I would hold off on purchasing an iPod until I earned enough in new business with USANA to pay for it. Well, I should have made it a little tougher, because in just a couple days I made it with a couple hundred to spare. I talked to some of the leads that my sponsor sent me and in no time at all, I signed up a new distributor. The next day, out of the blue, someone I had talked to a year ago asked if I was still in “that business” because she wanted to buy some of the skin-care products. It was a great reminder of how easy it is to make money in USANA.