The Jennifer thing was over before it got started – same reasoning! I’m working as a flag-football official. I’ve been doing mostly girls games but its a lot of fun. I met Anne this way. She also cycles so we plan on riding together. In the six months that I’ve owned my newest bike I’m averaging over 150 miles a month. I plan on getting that up to at least 100 miles a week. My savings ran out just as the financial aid came in so things are okay financially. I’ve been communicating with Bryan and he plans on being back in the Spring semester.

Oh, I guess I’ll give a little historical background. George Bush is the Republican candidate for President and Mike Dukakis is the Democrat. I tend to agree more with the Republican platform – as per the last two elections I’m voting Republican. November 8th is election. Last week the space shuttle went back into space after the delay caused by the Discovery explosion. The Summer Olympics are finishing up and America did well overall.

I am really starting to like a girl named Margie – a girl I met here last year. She has been dating a guy for over 3 years so I’m not holding my breath, haha, but I’m going to give it the old college try. I’m about 5’10 and I weigh 165-170 pounds. I have sandy brown hair with blue eyes. Forgive the jumpy appearance of this journal – I write things as I think of them. My favorite singer is Billy Joel – he has been called the Mozart of the 20th Century.

I’ve changed my major again… first, I was a computer science major, I then changed to coaching, now I am a non-teaching Kinesiology major with a Psychology minor. I hope to get into corporate fitness.

My birthday is coming up next month – November 13th. I’ll be 24. I was born in 1964 – hey, it’s not THAT long ago.

I think that two sources of maybe my greatest joy nowadays are my two nephews Brian and Blake (Scooter.) Brian is in the 1st grade and Scooter is 3 years old. Brian gave me the nickname “Uncle Bud” when he was about Scoot’s age and now Scoot uses it. I really love those two! I only wish I could see them more – being away at college and all.

Well, its 2am in the morning – I guess I’ll end it here for now

Wow… that was a HUGE entry. It also had to be the most schizophrenic – but very informational. I don’t know what is more shocking as I look back – the fact that I only weighed 165 pounds or that I actually showed some emotion in a post.