Its been awhile since I wrote last. Its 11:13 PM – I’m sitting in the apartment listening to Billy Joel on my tape player.

I went to the football game today. Prior to todays game, the SFA Lumberjacks (our team) were ranked #9 in the nation (the best in their history) and we played the team ranked #1 – the University of North Texas. (DIV-II) We beat them! It was great. We should be ranked in the top 5 by tomorrow.

I’ve become really good friends with a girl named Margie. She’s everything you could ask for in a girl. She’s smart – shes funny – she is just a joy to be around. Her qualities are too numerous to mention.

Well, my lofty goal of a 3.5 GPA this semester is shot to heck. I’ll probably end up somewhere around the 2.0 range. I constantly procrastinate about studying.

Bush is ahead of Dukakis in the polls by 10-15%. The election is a few days away.

Larry Centers who went on to NFL fame was our running back and Todd Hammel who went on to be one of the top QBs in Arena Football was our quarterback… it was a fun team to watch. We won’t go into any detail about Margie – haha… obviously she wasn’t so darn perfect. (Hmm… or it just may have been me – haha)

Following is an excerpt from a letter I received around the same time from Tony Vasquez shortly after a visit up to see me at SFA:

What’s happening crazy one? Right now I’m watching the Dodgers demolish the Mets . It is 6-0 right now Dodgers winning. Boy this is great a possibility that the Dodgers will be playing the A’s in the World Series.

I have spent most of my fun time with Annie (you know my special friend from Cody’s) that I have not seen or heard from Mike or Donald lately….

I can’t just wait to say hi to all the fine and gorgeous babes that are up there like Lisa, Denise, and all the babes. I ain’t getting myself caught up with just one.

So you think you’re ready for me now in basketball? Well, thats enough for now because my mind keeps flowing on Annie so I will keep you in 20/20 touch.

Your Minority Friend,
Tone the Bone