Talk about your big breaks. It’s been six months since I had an entry. Summer has come and gone. I managed to save $1,200 which will make this school year less of a financial burden. I am paying for all of my college expenses by myself. This is the start of my second year at Stephen F. Austin State University. I had planned to room with Bryan O. this semester, but he had some emotional problems and is now in a psychiatric clinic. I found a new roommate – Davad Sneed. He is a friend that I met last year. I think we will get along fine.

I broke it off with Lisa Grainger – she is just too wild of a girl for me – I want more of an old-fashioned girl. I have started seeing a girl named Jennifer – no big plans. As of now, I am not working but if the money situation gets too tight, I may get a job. I am taking Officiating Football, Kinesiology, Folk Dance, Abnormal Psychology & Human Sexuality. My plan right now is to bring my GPA up to a 3.5 this semester.

How simple was life back in college – I saved $1,200 and wasn’t worried about how I would survive for a whole semester. THAT is the power of having no bills – you just don’t need much to live. This was the first offical mention of Dave in the journal (although he was mentioned in letters to and from friends over the previous summer.) And yes, I guess we did end up getting along fine. 🙂 (PS – Who would have imagined that 13 years to the day later we would be attacked by terrorists? It was the furthest thing from my mind back then.)