Wow… I have said it many times and it still holds true – I need to get back to the work week just so I can relax. The Memorial Day weekend was a whirlwind of activity.

Saturday morning started off with a fun romp at the dog park with Lou. As usual, he met some new buds and we had a great time – I cannot recommend enough this sort of outing with your pet. After that was the meeting with Sharon, Kelly, Jennifer and Jaclyn – it was cool and it turned into dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. I met up with more of Dave and Sam’s family and had a really good time.

Sunday, I got up – took Lou for a walk and started doing housework. I busted on it pretty hard in the morning and then kicked back to catch up on some shows I had TiVo’ed in the past weeks. I fell asleep in the recliner and woke up in time to rush downtown for the Houston Comets game. (see earlier post) It was a blast, but sitting on the basketball court for that long is quite uncomfortable. I got home in time to kick back a little bit before Manny called with an offer I couldn’t refuse. He offered to not only pay for my dinner, but to pay for a movie as well. We went to see Layer Cake (post coming soon) and it rocked! It is one of those small English gangster films (ala Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels) and I just love that stuff.

I woke up Monday, watched the final day of the Giro D’Italia. It was great as Paulo Salvodelli took home the first of the three grand tours for Team Discovery. Could this be the year of the sweep for Lance’s newly formed team? Last year, US Postal won the Tour de France (Lance Armstrong) and the Tour of Spain (George Hincapie.) The team is the same, just a new sponsor and they have won the first of the three already.

After watching the Giro, I headed up to Conroe to hang with Dave & Sam’s gang for the holiday. It was a really good time with great food to boot. I also took the opportunity to introduce the gang to geocaching and it was a hoot. We travelled around the Conroe area in the heat and then the drizzle, with two vehicles and a dozen people and it went well. We found three of the five caches we attempted and everyone seemed to enjoy their unique holiday.

I finally got home a little after midnight and went straight to bed.

And you thought I was joking when I said I needed a break from the weekend.