Yeah, you heard me right… clay. I had sort of a blind date today. Well, it wasn’t really a date, but it was at least a blind meeting. Without naming names, lets just say that my new friend Shannon is the make up artist for one of Charlie’s original Angels. I met up with them at a local guest appearance and while sitting behind the scenes, Shannon informed me about the health benefits of clay.

I had heard about the uses of clay for cleansing before, but she inferred that it

works wonders on quite a few maladies… (Immediately, my fraud radar goes up when I hear anything that claims to solve all your problems.) It was enough to make me do some research however.

The common name of ‘medicinal clay’ is ‘Bentonite Clay.’ Bentonite is actually the commercial name of Montmorillonite. It was so named because it was originally discovered in Fort Benton, Wyoming. Montmorillonite is found all over the world and is eaten all over the world for its medicinal benefits.

Okay, I know – right now you are rolling your eyes or have quit reading… but hear me out. Clay is a scientifically proven healer – in fact, over 200 cultures worldwide eat clay or consume clay infused drinks and have for centuries.

Why eat dirt? Well, clay is actually a darn good cleanser because it absorbs heavy metals. I don’t think I have to tell you about the increased amounts of these metals in our food supply. The metals bond to the inert clay and are passed through the body.

Do I think it can solve warts/whooping cough/a broken leg/ and chronic halitosis? I doubt it. But, do I think it has valuable health benefits in cleansing your system of impurities? You bet.

Whether it was wiping out on my motorcycle or getting my faced shoved in the ground by my older brothers, I ate plenty of dirt as a child – who knew I was improving my health? Clay – it does a body good.