Well, I made it through the marathon. I woke up Friday at 6:30AM and went to bed for good Sunday at 3AM… we shot the Red Bull Art Cart Buildoff and a wedding at Braeburn Country Club. So what do you do when you wake up Sunday at 8AM – just five hours later?

First thing you do is sit in your recliner and watch some TV and chill while petting your dog. Then you get up, load up the Camelbak, the doggie bags, the water bowl, and harness up the dog to head out to the Bark Park. Lou was ecstatic as I was putting on his harness because I haven’t taken him anywhere all week.

We headed over to the Millie Bush Bark Park and decided it was time to give Lou some canine socialization time. He loved it! We went to the small dog section first because I was still a little leary about the big park after seeing a pit bull tear up a dog like Lou last time.
In the smaller park he met Cooper, Wilson, Abigail, and a couple others that I can’t remember.

1loupark017.JPG 2loupark019.JPG

3loupark022.JPG 4loupark031.JPG

1-Oh boy, you mean I can run free all I want?
2-The traditional ‘hello’ between Lou and Wilson
3-Abigail the Labradoodle
4-After a long day of running, Lou relaxes in front of the computer game I am trying to play

We did end up going to the main park and running with the big dogs, but I didn’t get any shots because I was following Lou as he decided to make a complete circle of the entire thirteen acres and meet every single dog.

By the way, I read that the Millie Bush Bark Park was named the #1 dog park in the nation!! Didn’t know we even have dog parks in Houston? Check out the Houston Dog Park Association to find out where they are, the right way to make doggie friends and more. There’s even a cat park!!

PS. The Reliant Park World Series of Dogs is coming up soon! I will be there taking photos and reporting as a member of the working media!