Did you know that although people of all demographics purchase lottery tickets, those with an income of $10,000 or less spend three to four times as much on lottery tickets as people with incomes of over $50,000.

Also, the average American spends more on lottery tickets than

books! Think about that one… if it doesn’t mean anything to you – then you probably just purchased your weekly quick pick.

Hmmm… could it be that if you pin your hopes on that winning ticket instead of going out and earning more, you will remain poor? Sure looks that way.

You are TWELVE TIMES AS LIKELY to die driving the mile to the convenience store to purchase your ticket as you are to win. Why would anyone take those odds? We are not talking about a fender bender – we are talking TWELVE TIMES AS LIKELY TO DIE each trip to the lottery store as to win the darn thing.

The lottery is nothing more than a tax on the poor AND THE STUPID!