Here it is – the latest podcast. Some interesting news on the podcast front… I will be speaking to the Business Network Alliance on Wednesday on the subject of podcasting. I will go over the history, current state of, and future of podcasting. For this group I will focus on the business applications of the technology.

I have also been approached by the Houston Chronicle for an upcoming article on the subject.

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Don’t forget… starting next week Lone Star Gridiron will be broadcasting the lowdown on Texas high school football! This looks to be a great program!

In other news, I picked up a copy of the game Guild Wars and am pleasantly surprised. It is not the same as the old days of playing D&D all night long in college – but it is a way to play a hack-n-slash game online with some friends. If you are online and have a copy of the game, look for Logan Marcus and mention the blog – I’ll send you an invite to join the guild.