Big ups to the Dark Diver for turning me on to this film…

First off let me admit that I reviewed Star Wars: Revelations less critical that I do a big-budget Hollywood film. Because this is a short, independent film, it is allowed some leeway. The first thing you notice in this film is the surprising visual effects – these guys did an amazing job.

The film was 100% completed by

volunteers – nobody was paid for any of the work. Over 200 people around the world played some role in the completed project from actors to special effects. The film is designed as a non-profit film and will always be available on their website as a free download.

The script is amazing when placed beside other Star Wars scripts. The acting is about as expected… one or two decent jobs and a bunch of mediocre to lame performances. If Revenge of the Sith has left you with an icky taste in your mouth – check out this fan film and you will feel much better about the Star Wars universe.

RATING 6 out of 10

Looks like I have to update my rankings…

Official Chris Doelle Ranking of Star Wars Films
1-The Empire Strikes Back
2-Star Wars
3-TROOPS (COPS parody of Star Wars)
4-The Return of the Jedi
6-Revenge of the Sith
7-Attack of the Clones
8-Revelations (short fan film)
9-The Phantom Menace