A&E’s new series Intervention is groundbreaking. It turns the reality genre into something useful finally. The premise is that each episode we are introduced to an addict of some sort. He/she thinks that they have agreed to take part in a documentary about addiction – what they don’t know is that they are being setup for an intervention.

If you have ever been around someone with an addiction and tried to help them/cajole them/threaten them to stop – this show will hit home. If you haven’t been around an addict – you are either fooling yourself or extremely lucky. As you watch the show, you are never sure if you will end up laughing or crying.

This is a good show for young people. The subject matter may seem a bit risque at times, but when the opportunity to take that first hit of crystal meth, cocaine or xanax arises – nobody is going to censor that. Watch this show with your kids and discuss the outcomes with them – maybe, just maybe, when they see the former prom queen in a circle of her friends & family, with mascara streaming down her tears – it just might sink in that this stuff can hook anyone. It just might sink in that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – nobody can “handle it” – nobody can “stop anytime they want.” And probably the most important message, they are not the only person out there facing these things.