It’s journal time again… its been awhile and I had planned on writing earlier but I don’t seem to have the time. I know, I know – just set apart a time everyday to write… easier said than done. I think this entry will try to summarize whats been happening lately.

Right now I am on my way to San Antonio with my brother Tom. I’m back at home (Victoria) because of the Christmas holidays. Christmas is over – it was pretty cool. I got riding shorts and cycling tights from the folks. Tim got me a miniature basketball goal & backboard to put up in my room at college. Tom got me a shirt. The best part about Christmas though was Scooter and Brian (my nephews.) In fact, the best part about coming home was seeing them.

I’ve called Sandy twice during the break. Both times we had a good talk. I can’t wait to get back at college to see her. I sent her a musical teddy bear for Christmas – it plays a little melody when you squeeze the paw. It has like a dozen different Christmas songs – I’m sure she’ll like it.

My sister Julie had a baby boy at about 6:30 Christmas morning.

She chose the name Nicholas for him. I was happy because I suggested the name. She said it was between Nicholas and Christopher and when I told her that I like Nick and wouldn’t be offended by not naming him Chris, she picked it. I think his middle name is gonna be Bernard. That should make my pops happy. Anyway, she’s bringing him home from the hospital today.

I guess I should also mention our little trip to Houston last week. Tuesday the 22nd, Tony Vasquez and I went to visit Mike Wright and to go out dancing. Anyway, we went to a club called Randy’s and had a pretty good time. Mike and Tony were pissed at me because I was dancing with the good looking girls and they were just standing around. I met a real nice girl named Barbie. I’m supposed to see her when I go up there again.

Two nights ago, I went to visit Dawn and her family (Christmas night.) Dawn and I had a heart to heart and I can’t figure it out but things may be improving between us – maybe she feels threatened by Sandy – maybe she feels that she can be friendlier since I have other romantic interests. …..

….. I had a 2:00 basketball appointment with the missionaries so I took off over there. There were 6 missionaries and they were finishing up a game when I got there. We had seven people so we decided to go 3 on 3 with one person sitting out. After a game, the winning team would stay in and the guy sitting out would play – of the three losers they would shoot free throws to see which two got to play. The first game I was in we lost, but I made my free throws to keep playing.

This new team was the right combination. I started off not shooting too well – I was cold. I hit and 18ft turn-around jumper that ripped the net to end the first game. We won so we kept our team intact. Our one liability on our team was a 5’8″ guy who would shoot every time he got the ball. He shot about 15%. My other teammate, Elder Mooy, is about 6′ 2″ and quick for his size as well as a good shooter. We won 5 straight games and my friend Tony showed up so we went full court 4-on-4… we won both fullcourt games too – I had a blast.

Well, I think I set the one day writing record for this journal – Oh and just a little sports tidbit – my favorite basketball team, the LA Lakers, winners of the last two championships have lost 7 of their last 9 – their worst in ten years… bummer.

Geez, I covered a lot in that entry (and I edited out a ton of stuff.) The biggest bit of news had to be the birth of my nephew Nick… The story of going out dancing with Mike and Tony is funny too – I actually remember that night really well. And what would a journal entry be without some reference to my sports exploits… it was a huge part of my life back then.