Well I just rolled back into Nacogdoches following the Thanksgiving break. I took a bus from Houston where I went this morning with Tim. I know that I sound somewhat fickle when I say this, but I’m very interested in a girl named Sandy Green. She’s from Canada. She pitches on the SFA softball team. She’s a really nice girl and I think I’m falling for her. She doesn’t know yet what she wants – haha. Oh, I still like Margie, but I think she’s seeing some guy named Lance.

We played the fourth annual Turkey Bowl (football game) Thursday morning – we won the fourth straight. The score was 77-35. I threw four touchdown passes, caught three TD passes and ran back an interception for one score – I had a blast.

I saw a few of my friends and my family, but my mind was miles away (Canada.) I told Dawn about her and we had a fun conversation. I miss her too! haha I don’t guess I’ve said anything about Dawn – I started dating her when I was a high school senior ’82-83. We went together for about 3 years. We broke up – I won’t go into why or how.

Oh… Monday we’re moving out of the on-campus apartments into a real apartment complex – 3 bedrooms 1 1/2 baths. Dave, Bryan and I are living together. And just so I have it in writing somewhere, I plan on buying a Jeep come summertime. I’ve been without a vehicle for about a year and it makes dating rough. This weekend I’m going to Houston to watch the Houston Rockets play the Charlotte Hornets (an expansion team) with Terry Rochen – my friend from Houston and Michael Wright, who I graduated high school with. Well, I guess I’ll go to bed and dream of Sandy. I’ll try to write more often.

Wow, how sappy was that? I guess you figured that the Sandy thing didn’t really work out – maybe it could have been my lack of focus… haha. I kept thinking of Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days” while reading about the Turkey Bowl… and it really was a full crowd of people playing – not just me against a couple geriatrics. Oh yeah – and I never got the Jeep that summer.

Following is an excerpt from a letter I received from my brother Tom around the same time:

Say Bro,
What’s happening? Thought I’d better surprise ya by dropping you a line, heard you had a little problem with your old rommate, have you found one yet? How are things at the old alma matter? What are your classes this semester? San Antonio is just great. Me & Kirby are in business for ourselve already, we are doing windows in houses, so far we’ve done two jobs and have only had to work 4 days out of 2 weeks to pay all the bills and screw off the rest of the time, now this is how life is meant to be – relaxed! Of course the people we work for all live on the north side of SA and all got bookoos of bucks. I had to put the remainder of my settlement money in a business account because to have one you have to maintain a balance of no less than $1000 but at least it will always be there!

Still haven’t been back home but I have called them, and I’m still going to take time to help them with their jobs now and then. I heard dad got him a 88 ram charger with a 318 in it sounds cool, did you see it? How was the biathalon you and Mike entered, did you win? Well suppers cooking, got to go.

I had forgotten all about Tom’s stint in San Antonio as well as the biathlon that Mike Wright and I entered. He did the running portion and I did the cycling part. We did not win, but we came in way toward the front and calculated that if each of us trained we could be winning those things. (Despite our best intentions, that was the only one we ever did.)