Morgan Spurlock’s new television show, 30 Days shows a lot of promise. The inaugural episode however, was fraught with problems. The premise of the show is that Spurlock (or someone else)will attempt each week to spend 30 days in someone else’s shoes. In this first installment, he spent 30 days living on minimum wage.

While I agree that it is tough to live on minimum wage, he takes the Michael Moore approach to making his point – hyperbole. Spurlock seems to go out of his way to great ‘crises.’ Him and his wife both had medical emergencies (I use the term very lightly) during the 30 days which totally destroyed his budget. He found a source for free furnishings, yet ignored that source later. He mostly overlooked the thousands of free sources of entertainment in favor of ones which cost money and thus contributed to his blown budget.

I still think the show has a ton of potential. I just wish he would take a more non-biased approach to the situations.