Tony and Allison came into town because Ally is bowling in a youth tournament. It’s good to seem them as it has been quite a while.

The day started off with a trip to the dog park when Tony arrived. (Allison came in with her mom so we didn’t see them until later in the day.) I didn’t take any pictures because I figured I had plenty of recent dog park pics. As it turns out I wish I would have because we met a really cool little dog named Bentley. He was ball of activity and spunk.

After the dog park, we came back to the house and chilled for a bit. Tony and I caught up on “the haps,” and then headed over to Katy Mills Mall to find a Dallas Cowboys hitch cover for my nephew, Nick. I still haven’t found one. At the mall, we decided to grab a bite. There is something about when Tony and I get together that seems to make us do dumb things… like order an entire pizza at Sbarro’s and split it instead of just a slice like normal. We also stopped by the chocolate store and bought a bar of dark chocolate (mmmm…. dark cholocate.)

It was time to head to the bowling alley and watch the tournament. Allison was a ton of fun as usual. We cut up and played around between frames. She did pretty good averaging more in her three games than normal.

It was then back to the house to relax a bit and screw around on the computers. Tony’s PC is crashed so he got online and caught up on his email, games etc., while I logged on and played some World of Warcraft (Windrunner server). Time sorta got away from us and next thing we knew it was 10PM. We wanted to go catch Batman Begins so we had to settle for the 11:55 showing.

Before leaving, I let Lou outside to do his business and he got all fired up about something in the bushes. It was pitch black outside so I couldn’t see what was up until I ran back in for my little pen flashlight. In the dim beam I spied what appeared to be a cat or maybe a large rat dodging him as he climbed into the shrubbery. When it ran across the path, I spied what looked like a HUGE rat! Being a country boy, I knew exactly what it was – a ‘possum!

Lou tracked it down and pounced on it and, as they do when threatened, it rolled over and went rigid. Lou sniffed around and then looked to me as if to say, “see what I got? cool, huh?” I grabbed Lou, put him in the house and grabbed a towel to carry the opossum. It played dead right up until I lifted it by the tail. It then slowly opened its eyes but didn’t get too excited as I took it into the front yard to release it. (Access to the bayou is much easier from there.)

With the excitement abated, we went to the movie. I will write up a full review of Batman Begins later, but let me say that it is without a doubt the BEST comic book movie with a DC character ever created. At the theater Tony offered to buy the drinks and proceeded to order us each a large soda. Have you seen these drinks? There must have been a gallon and a half in each one! I think he is trying to kill me… haha.

We made it in around 3:30AM and after being up until 4AM the night before, I was pretty bushed.

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1 – Tone “gettin after it”
2 – Ally scheming
3 – Allison’s team
4 – Playin possum
5 – Relocation