Saturday was hotter than all get-out and Dave, Kim and I did the neighborhood garage sale thing. It went pretty well, we all got rid of a lot of junk and put a little jingle in our pockets at the same time. Saturday’s garage sale meant that the weekly dog park trip with Lou had to be moved to Sunday. Mindy brought Kali and Clancy along and we made it a neighborhood outing.

101dogpark-015.jpg 202dogpark-016.jpg

303dogpark-026.jpg 404dogpark-022.jpg

505dogpark-051.jpg 606dogpark-066.jpg

1 – Lou started the day by showing Kali the lay of the land (and water)
2 – Clancy wasted no time in getting into the water
3 – Kali was the popular girl with the numerous Boxers
4 – Lou seemed unimpressed with the paparazzi folling him
5 – Kali was a little unsure about all the new faces
6 – Lou is large and in charge as always (even if he is the only one who knows it)