The day started off a little slow because I had to wait for Shiny to wake up. We finally said our goodbyes to Lou and headed out about 10am. (This will be the longest Lou has been without me since I got him… but I think he will do fine in Dave’s hands as they are the best of chums.)

We rolled out of town listening to country music and blathering nonsensically about everything we saw. Somewhere around Nacogdoches, Cheyenne wanted to listen to her Avril Lavigne CD (so she could point out something about one song.) We ended up listening to the same CD OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND… well, you get the idea.

After only one or two harrowing near-misses going down winding mountain roads (she has this annoying habit of pushing my hat over my eyes just as I “really” needed to see,) we made it into Hot Springs.

reunion2005day1 001.JPG reunion2005day1 003.JPG
(As we crossed into Arkansas, we stopped at the welcome center to commemorate the event – then stopping for gas in the midde of nowhere, came across some hillbilly attendants and this archaic pump)

It was good to connect with the part of the family tree that I rarely see. We gathered around and shot the bull for a couple hours while grabbing a snack. After that, the group headed down to the pool area to talk and/or swim. It is from there that I am writing this blog.

1reunion2005day1 010.JPG 2reunion2005day1 028.JPG

3reunion2005day1 037.JPG

4reunion2005day1 038.JPG 5reunion2005day1 040.JPG

6reunion2005day1 042.JPG 7reunion2005day1 045.JPG

8reunion2005day1 048.JPG 9reunion2005day1 049.JPG

10reunion2005day1 051.JPG

1 – Julie, Madison & Tim
2 – Mike, Hannah, Carol & Madison
3 – Dan & Ann
4 – Ann & Andrea
5 – Troy & family
6 – Me
7 – Avis, Penny, Pam & Steve
8 – Carol & Mike
9 – Cheyenne & Andrea
10 – Sandra & Tim