Well Hurricane Shiny (my niece) rolled into Houston and proceeded to take over. She agreed to ride with me to Arkansas today so the folks dropped her off yesterday on the way. She waited patiently as I completed all my work-related duties and then unleashed her fury.

Okay, it wasn’t really bad – we actually had an excellent evening. First, we went through some photos on my regular and my photo blogs. That got her inspired to shoot something so I handed over the Casio camera and she went to town in the backyard.

After that we went to Chili’s for dinner where she proceeded to laugh so much she nearly choked to death. I told her that I am not really sure how to perform that new-fangled hiney-lick maneuver and that seemed to dislodge her chicken chunk.

1shinyday05.JPG 2shinyday04.JPG

3shinyday01.JPG 4shinyday02.JPG


1 – Cheyenne stalks the photographic world
2 – I took this shot of her taking a closeup shot of a lizard
3 – She caught a very nice shot of her new buddy – Lou
4 – Shiny was obsessed with trying to get a shot of me with food in my mouth (I will spare you the rest of them)
5 – Shiny learning that you can’t eat and laugh at the same time