Well, at 5PM on the nose, the power went out. As the cacophony of UPS battery backup shreiks flooded every corner of the house (a home office with 6 computer running makes for a LOT of beeping noise,) Lou was more than a bit nervous. He ran to the bathroom (it was the quietest room,) and sat their wide-eyed looking at me like “Should I be scared?”

Mindy informed me that she had already called the power company and I decided that it was time to “make lemonade.” I loaded up the Camelbak, grabbed the doodie bags, and Lou and I headed to Bear Creek Park. I figured that since the A/C was off and it was heating up anyway, at least we would be out of the noise and Lou would enjoy the walk.

We stopped by the ball fields and since they are completely fenced, I figured we could get in a good romp off the leash. Lou loved it! I took these shots as he sprinted from one end of the field to the other chasing the ball I found nearby. After the ballpark, we headed off into the woods and explored for awhile. It was actually pretty cool in the shade.

Lou_1751.jpg lou_1753.jpg

Mindy called me when the power returned and after another half hour of sniffing around the wildlife, we headed back to the house. Not a bad little distraction during what could have been a pretty miserable evening at the house.