After busting my hump all morning to put together the PMC Top 10 Countdown, Lou reminded me that it was time to relax a bit. He sat patiently at my side while I worked, but as if on cue, as soon as the new show was uploaded and on its way to thousands of MP3 players, he gently pawed me. I took a glance down and saw him staring up with his head cocked sideways, “Can we go play yet?” he seemed to ask.

I loaded up the Camelbak with water, grabbed my iPod and his leash, and we headed to the park. As usual – he loved it! We went off in the woods exploring. He treed a squirrel, chased a lizard, ran into a hollow log, and generally just ran around with his sniffer running full blast.


We took a break long enough for Lou to take a long drink of ice water, and it was off into the woods once again!