Mark Cuban has once again spouted off on something which he either knows nothing about or just doesn’t “get.” His latest ramble is about podcasting:

Finally, when those formally known as podcasters do an accounting of the net dollars they earned and compare it to the time they invested, they will realize they made about 17 cents per hour all in.

So in about 3 years, the Podcast phenomena will have run its course and will just be a normal part of the digital media landscape.

He has once again shown that, if have a lot of money, you think you can spout off about anything under the sun without any regard to fact. As a matter of education Mark – let me tell you that, it is true, a very small percentage will make a lot of money with podcasting (the same was true of the internet boom that made you rich) – the difference here is that the cash cow is not what is important about podcasting. The big deal in podcasting is that ANYONE can do it! It is not a mad dash for cash (although fortunes will be made) it is the opening of a closed media to the average person.

Personally, I think he is just upset because like blogging, this got started without him and he is tired of being a johnny-come-lately to emerging technologies. People are generally afraid of things they don’t understand… look Mark, put your torch down and tell the rest of your Cubanites to go home to their families. Podcasting is not a scary monster… it is a wonderfully expressive and brilliantly conceived opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, silliness, and seriousness… it won’t bite you.