I have never been a big Fantastic Four fan… I preferred The Hulk, Iron Man etc… yet, when I heard FF was being made into a movie, I was excited. As the release day got closer and closer, I started to think maybe they would screw this one up ala Punisher, Elecktra etc. I went to see it anyway.

The Fantastic Four was actually pretty excellent. I loved Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm and although I think Reed and Sue were totally miscast (they should have been about 15 years older,) the film totally worked. FF will go down as one of the top ten superhero movies… and possibly top five.

RATING 8 out of 10

Read on for a review of Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds…

While waiting to go into Fantastic Four, I caught the last hour of War of the Worlds (ain’t mystery shopping great?) The saving grace of this film should have been the special effects, but you know what? Even those weren’t that special. I just couldn’t get into Tom Cruise as a father – he is barely convincing as a heterosexual. Is it my imagination or wasn’t Tom Cruise a decent actor at one time? He really stinks up the place in this one. And Dakota Fanning… I have really liked her in everything I have seen, but either she was directed to overact and its not her fault, or she took her cues from Cruise’s appearance on Oprah and just overdid it.

RATING 6 out of 10