10 years ago: I had hired Dave to come work with me at the YMCA. Three days after he started, I quit my job to start my own company. A few days later, the fear hit and I asked for my job back – the YMCA welcomed me back. A couple months later, I quit for good and started my consulting company.

5 years ago: Things were flying high at the consulting company… after doubling in size each year since its inception, I had hired Dave to come work once again. The sky was the limit – the internet boom was in full swing and we were making plans to expand to three cities and beyond.

1 year ago: I was in training for my first Ride for the Roses event and just finished the Katy Flatland Century the day before. Brian and I were in the attic fixing the air conditioner.

Yesterday: I edited a video project for a client during the day and then went to Fuddrucker’s in the evening to pitch them on becoming the “pre-show meal sponsor” for the Lone Star Gridiron podcast. They liked the idea.

Today: Working on accounting and waiting for a client to provide additional video for editing. Meeting with the Pizza Factory to discuss sponsorship of the Lone Star Gridiron podcast. They seem interested too.

Tomorrow: More editing – Lone Star Gridiron podcast #005 will be recorded and Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows opens.