I have been trying to figure out Lou’s breed since getting him…

I adopted Lou from the Houston SPCA about eight months ago (he is the GREATEST DOG EVER!!) and have always had a hard time answering when someone asks me about his breed. I answer things like “I think he is part Westie and part Lhasa Apso and maybe Schnauzer or something.” The SPCA simply wrote “Terrier” on his adoption card.

I was listening to the K9Cast with Tara and Walter! podcast and they told about rescueing a Wheaten Terrier. I saw a picture of the dog and thought, “Hmm… it could be.” I searched the web, found a Wheaten rescue site, and when I saw some of the pictures I think I have found his breed.

He is shorter than mentioned on the website, but I always thought he was just tall for a Westie or Lhasa.

The hair is spot on – the lay of the ears and darker coloration also seems to match perfectly. The only thing that seems suspect is the fact that he stands only about 13 inches at the shoulders and their standard has them at 17. It could be that he is just a short Wheaten or is crossed with a smaller breed.

In any event, I am pretty convinced he is a Wheaten or as a Wheaten cross is called – a Wheatable.