This is it – the worlds largest sporting event! Forget the SuperBore – forget the NBlAme – forget the Yawn Series… the Tour de France is underway!!! Where else do you get three weeks of non-stop drama? Where else do you get such superhuman athletic effort? Nowhere baby!! THIS IS THE PINNACLE!

Wayne Gretzky said “We all dream of being Tiger Woods and winning the Masters, we all dream of hitting one at the buzzer like Jordan in the NBA Finals, we all dream of hitting a homerun in game seven. Nobody dreams of riding 100-200 miles a day for three weeks straight – it’s too hard! Lance is probably the greatest althete in history.”

My personal dreams of the Maillot Jaune has passed me by, but I can still win the Tour de 1/10th!!! In it, I ride 1/10th of the distance of Le Tour each day and compare my times with the real riders to see my ranking. In the past, I have either not finished or finished in last place because frankly, even at 1/10th of their distance, when you multiply my times by 10, they are still much faster. This year I am going to try to level the playing field.

To even things out, I will give myself a 1 minute bonus for each extra mile I ride. That will still likely not be enough to get me in the top, but it should help… last season, I was two hours off the times of the leaders by the second stage… yikes!

Today’s stage:

1 Saturday, July 2 19 km 1.18m
Fromentine > Noirmoutier-en-l’Ile (TT)