Just an FYI – I received a phone call from a company calling themselves Webxcites and the gentleman I spoke with told me how he could increase my ranking in the search engines. I told him I was not interested. He cut me off saying, “well, what we do is make sure that you rank in the top when people search for you on the web.”

Again, I said I was not interested. He again cut me off with, “if someone is looking for your company on the web, you will miss out on that business.”

After getting the spelling of his company so that I could use it if they ever call me back, I said, “I am not really interested and please take me off your call list.”

He apologized and thanked me for my time – right? NOPE! This mental giant decided that his best strategy now would be to insult me – that will surely close the sale.

“Its your loss, idiot!” Was this designed to make me realize that him no longer calling me was indeed “my” loss? How could I have been so naive… of course, it would be my loss. Without him calling, I would have peace and quiet – I would have more cell minutes – I would have… well, it didn’t matter – what I wouldn’t have is a good ranking in a search engine. Oh wait, I already have that.

I guess the dumb folks need jobs too.

Their number is 713-780-2296… It would be wrong for me to recommend that everyone prank call them, but it would make me laugh if someone decided to do it on their own. 😉