The National Wildlife Federation has teamed up with Animal Planet to create BACKYARD HABITAT, a new television series that makes the planet a better place for animals, one backyard at a time. Hosted by David Mizejewski of the National Wildlife Federation and TV personality Molly Pesce, each episode presents fun and simple ways to attract wildlife to your property, whether it’s a balcony in the city or a large backyard.

From butterfly gardens to turtle ponds to bird feeders, learn how to build, landscape and create a certified habitat at home where you can enjoy the simple pleasures nature has to offer every day.

Premieres August 15 and airs weekdays at 11:00 AM E/P.

You can see my backyard habitatat:

Going green and going “off the grid”
They are even bigger now!

PS – Big ups to Dave Jackson from for letting me know my ‘free’ hosting site crashed and burned. I am now a member of the libsyn community and so far the service is great. If you want to host podcast files, check out libsyn.