How many times have I used that title for a blog entry? It seems like every week is a busy, busy, week – but this time… it is super busy. We have been doing a corporate video shoot all week and will continue that this afternoon. Monday, I went for the tech setup and check – it was supposed to be from about 10am to 11am… I was there until around 9pm! Let’s just say that some of the other folks involved in the production were a little behind in their setup.

Yesterday was a fun day… in a hectic sorta way. We did a three camera shoot that was projected live to large video screens and recorded. It was a five man operation as my brother Tim and nephew Scooter came into town to assist. Dave, Dave, and Tim worked the cameras, Scooter handled gopher duties and I produced the show from backstage. I sat at a panel of three monitors on headsets to the camera crew and called out the shots while assisting the switcher in determining what went on the big screens. In actuality, the camera guys did such a great job that my job was pretty darn easy. I spent more time on the switching that directing the cameras.

Today, we continue the shoot by filming what the client refers to as their “Skit Night.” It will again be a three camera shoot, but since it is not being switched or projected live, we will not need to do much in the way of direction. That will free me up to schmooze with the client about things like editing etc.

Thursday will be another long day/night as we will be shooting a party and band… I expect it to wrap around 1AM. It will be followed by a keynote speech Friday morning… and then we will be done. Whew!

Oh yeah – but Saturday, Mike, Scoot and I are getting up early to head to San Antonio as the Lone Star Gridiron podcast will be covering the Texas Classic – the annual kickoff to the high school football season. We will be there for three games so it will be another VERY long day.

Well, gotta run – just thought I would update folks on why I haven’t returned calls/emails or posted on the blog.

PS. Oh yeah, I gotta squeeze in two Lone Star Gridiron podcasts, one Riding with the window down… podcast and the latest PMC Top10 Countdown all before I go to sleep Friday. Did I say I was busy? :0