Well, after about five months of listening to podcasts, I have listened to hundreds of different shows. Usually, when I discover one that sounds interesting, I will subscribe and then get all their back episodes. I do power listening while riding my bike and walking the dog and try to get caught up as soon as possible. I try to give each podcast at least five shows to “catch on” with me because I know that it takes some time to find your voice and discover what your podcast really is about.

Read on for the list:

The majority of the podcasts I have heard are no longer on my subscription list. That doesn’t mean they are bad podcasts (although there were a bunch of those in that group). It most often means that they either discuss something that doesn’t interest me – play music that I don’t care for – or just suck. I also tend to lean more toward the shows that last anywhere from 20-40 minutes – anything over that and I won’t finish it on my dog walk… I am a firm believer that shorter is better in podcasts. To that end, I try to keep my own shows around 30 minutes.

Anyway, enough blathering explanations – on to the list.

1 – Earthwatch Radio – One of only two non-indie shows to make my list. This is one of my favorites because it covers subjects that are of concern to me and it is short and sweet.
2 – Morning Coffee Notes – One of the true visionaries of podcasting… I love his honest ramblings and thought processes. Dave is like a prophet to the dreamers of the world.
3 – Podcast Brothers – This was the show that really got me excited about podcasting… they are tardy on getting out shows, but hopefully they will get back on it.
4 – Bike Talk – Being an avid cyclist for the past 25 years, I am somewhat biased on this podcast. This airwaves radio program from Davis, California is sometimes really interesting, sometimes sorta interesting – but hey, its about cycling so I like it.
5 – Daily Source Code – This is like CNN’s Headline News for the podcast world… you can’t be in this biz without paying attention to Adam.
6 – 100 Word Stories – Laurence Simon spins some interesting tales in this very cool format.
7 – Bitz of Brin – I think what I like most about her is that she is not trying to put on an act… she is just being herself and pursuing her singing.
8 – K9 Cast – I can’t say I learn a bunch on this show about dogs because I know dogs better than humans already – but hey, its about dogs, by dog lovers, and doggone fun! It is a great audio resource and Tara and Walter’s affinity toward dogs is evident.
9 – Jawbone – Good clean fun. Ken gets a little caught up in himself at times, but being a fellow artist – I can understand. Knorah is fun and the fact that she doesn’t take it too seriously is refreshing.
10- Podcast411 – The businessman in me loves the interviews with podcasters… great information.

There are about a dozen others that I listen to, but these are my favorites. I actually listen to a bunch of music ones – Accident Hash, Extra Super Action Show, BandTrax etc. – but I play them on my computer while I work and/or play games. Those shows all tend to run together in my mind.

But the biggest thing to hit the podcasting world has to be the PMC Top10 Countdown. I know I am biased – but it is a HUGE step in the evolution of the podcast world.